Japanese landscaping ideas to incorporate at home

by Mary Surette 05/06/2024

For homeowners wanting to create a space of zen and comfort in their outdoor area, it can be helpful to take inspiration from Japanese landscaping design.

Featuring a perfect blend of natural and man-made elements, Japanese gardens are synonymous with tranquility and quiet beauty. What better way to unwind and enjoy the fresh air than with your personal zen garden oasis?

Here are some Japanese garden ideas to help you incorporate the basics of the style into your exterior design:

Prioritize water features

Water is arguably the most important element in Japanese garden design. Not only will a water feature bring extra depth and dimension to your outdoor space, it can serve as a great focal point. Softly babbling fountains and still, reflecting pools are both great options, especially when incorporating natural, mossy stone textures into the design.

Create gates & pathways

Most Japanese gardens feature winding stone paths to wander and peacefully contemplate. Even in a tiny outdoor space, creating a trail with fine gravel, stepping stones or bamboo planks can add dimension and intrigue to your garden.

Gateways and entrances are also key to Japanese style gardens. An impressive garden gate can serve as the threshold into a zen state of mind, while also keeping your yard private and sheltered.

Keep it evergreen

Japanese gardens typically feature evergreen shrubs and trees, which keep the landscape lush and green all year. For some added color, a Japanese maple creates striking seasonal contrast with their intense red leaves against a backdrop of pines. Other trees common to Japanese gardens include plum, magnolia and bamboo.

Bamboo is a hallmark of a Japanese inspired garden, and it’s a hardy, easy plant to grow. Plant bamboo strategically to create natural barriers, but beware of its aggressive growth habit - it may require pruning to keep your design under control.

If you’re interested in creating an authentic Japanese garden design, these are but a few simple ways to get started. Incorporating other popular garden features like stone lanterns, statues, bridges and gazebos will also bring a sense of zen to your yard and help you to the next step in this Japanese garden style.

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